Voice work stuff

I have some audio kit, including Nady, MXL, Behringer, etc.[1] microphones...
effects gear (Aphex, Behringer) and run Audacity (hey, it's free) as
a recorder and editor.  Below are some samples of the stuff on
WNUT422 (city of Los Altos, CA traveller's aid station, 530AM)
and an audition sample sent to someone with a posting on Craig's List.

OK -- the latest demo cut... just a voice intro with an example of the 
WNUT422 AM-broadcast-compressed local picnic announcement.
NOTE: I didn't write the picnic copy -- just read it as requested.




You can get more info by emailing voice <at> busbang.net

[1] -- I picked up some Naxa wireless mikes for less than
30$ for the set and the quality is everything you'd expect -- pretty